The Art of Multiple Personalities: Web Cam Girl

There are millions of guys in the world and they all are looking for something different when they visit a site like MyFreeCams. Some are looking for someone to fulfill a specific fetish that the rest of the internet does not offer, others are looking for interaction from their “porn”, some are looking for a girlfriend, and others are simply looking for some company. Part of being a successful Web Cam Girl is realizing this diversity and catering all of your clientele. What does this mean? Don’t always use the same “shtick” everytime you are online. Vary it every now and then. For example, how do you approach the room when you first go “Online”? Do you start out with suggestive language or a giggly hello? If every time you are going online, you are instantly masturbating than you are surprisingly “turning off” a large part of your clientele who are interested in something more. Approach the room a little differently each day you are online. Here are the different personas that I personally can vouch for their money earning potential.


1: Innocent/young girl. Whenever you login, constantly laugh. Act bubbly. Act stupid. Wear long socks and act as if you do not have a care in the world. Act as if things that your clientele will ask you to embarrass you. You are the inexperience barely legal “good girl”. This will appeal to the men who want the feeling of “conquering you” when the tip you to take your clothes off. This will appeal to the men who want to “deflower” you in a sense, these men will get off by tipping you to be naughty (which is so out of character for a good girl like you 😉 ).

2. The “Fuck me” Girl. Whenever you login, speak suggestively. Touch yourself subtly. Look into the camera with “bedroom eyes”. Make them believe you really want it. This will appeal to the men who are simply looking for that porn star with a little interaction. Remember that this is the approach many camgirls take, so use it sparingly.

3: The personality girl. Whenever you login, be yourself. Be real. Share as much information about your real hobbies and interests as you safely can. Be sarcastic. Tease your clientele lightly. This approach will appeal to the clients are looking for a girl who is a little “feisty”. It will also appeal to those who find themselves more sexually attracted to “the girl next door”, a woman they can actually see themselves meeting. They will tell you they like you because you seem so “real”. They will develop real emotions for you. This will be profitable for you.

Varying between these personas is sure to earn you big $$$ and it will expand your customer base.


The Beginning.

No one grows up thinking they will be a Cam Girl and neither did I. So how did I fall into this other life, one of secrecy, sex, and darkness? Truth be told it was really the money that drew me to it. I remembered  googling “how to make extra money” one day. I was living with my husband in our tiny one bedroom apartment all while going to college full-time and trying to earn enough as a waitress to make rent each month. It was hard and we were barely making it. Slowly my queries went from “how to make extra money” to “how to make extra money if you are an attractive young woman”. I would never cheat on my husband, so escorting wasn’t an option. I had something in mind like promotional modeling. Then I stumbled upon “Become an Internet Model” and that’s where it all began.

I started out on LiveJasmin, making around $40 dollars an hour. I was in the “hot flirt” section, determined not to take clothes off on cam. I did this because I felt loyalty towards my husband. I only did this a few hours a month, just enough for a little extra money. Once, I even attempted to tell my husband what I was doing. I logged in and showed him my account. He was mad at first, but I assured him I didn’t have to take any clothes off. He disapproved still, feeling disgusted that any man would look at me sexually other than himself (clothes or no clothes.) He made me promise never to do it again and I did. That is the only time I’ve ever lied to him.

From then on I think he looked at me with a little more pride, that some other men wanted meHis wife. The day I told him about LJ, he made love to me in his truck (as we had never done) like an animal. I knew then that I had to continue. It wasnt only the money then it was the power. I had finally realized my power over men. The power that all women have and I embraced it.

I continued on LJ for a few months after that, making enough to cover our rent. My husband had never kept a sharp eye over our finances so that part was easy to hide. I was always in charge of the bills. He never realized that we would have never been afford to eat our or do things if it hadn’t been for me camming. All the while I was doing this, I held a vanilla job. Jobs that I absolutely hated. Then, I switched to MFC and I made $300 in two hours. I quit my day job soon after that, telling my husband that I was taking out extra “school loans” to help with the expenses when in reality, I was paying off our debt not incurring it. And now MFC is my “full time” job. I say “full time”, because it is only when the husband is at work. Working 10 hours a week I make 2-3 times what my husband makes. There are nights when I make more than he gets paid in a week. In a way, it makes me feel guilty. But, ultimately, I’m doing it for him. For us. For a future.